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Plant Center

Wisconsin Plant Center - Located in Neshkoro, WI

For immediate pick-up we have the following at the Plant Center:

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Trees we have available

Maple: Amur, Autumn Blaze, Deborah, Emerald Luster, Emerald Queen, Green Mountain Sugar.

Serviceberry: Clump & Single Stem

Birch: River, White Spire, Clumps & Single

Hornbeam: Blue beach (Ironwood)

Hackberry: Northern

Red bud: Clumps & Single

Dogwood: Pagoda

Also, some grasses, annuals & perennials.

Bulk mulches, red mulch, double ground hardwood mulch, etc.

Picnic tables, lawn furniture. Bagged pete moss, soil mixes, stones, etc.

CALL US AND DISCUSS.................................IT"S FREE

Ask us about your particular situation and we can probably help you. We also have a professional design/build landscape service. Bring your car, truck or trailer with tarps and rope to safely haul your load. If you pick out plant material, mulch, etc. we can deliver it for you for a nominal fee.
We can also plant.

If you do not have what you are looking for, ask us and we can probably get it.

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